【Estinater’s Story vol.3】The End and a new Beginning… ひとつの終わりと新たな始まり

Traveler: Marco



Home Town: Benidorm, Spain.



Places Visited: Okinawa Island (the main island) from North to South, Tokashiki Island.




It´s difficult to put into words how Okinawa affects me. It feels like a power surge that overruns my body.


Only people who have been to Okinawa seem able to understand this feeling… I have seen this in other people too. When talking about this place or seeing a picture or a video of Okinawa, something inside lights up and faces and eyes change. A smile and glowing expression appear.



The end and a new beginning pic1


All my life I have been looking something. I’ve always followed my heart in the hopes of discovering what I’ve sought but I never knew what it was until I came to Okinawa.



I´m restless and curious, I like to explore new places uncover their secrets. I have been to several countries around the world and in my travels have found many amazing places and fantastic people. Each experience has helped me to contemplate life and to know myself better. One of the most significant of these discoveries was something that I found inside me – and this discovery fit my worldly explorations.



It was in martial arts where I found a new way of life. For me the freedom I found from the mental and physical discipline of the dojo became more than a process of learning to punch and kick.  It was a path to happiness. Years of martial arts training have guided me along a spiritual path in my travels. After my body became fit I could at last fulfill the inner Me.



The end and a new beginning pic2


I never thought that my path would take me to Okinawa. But, after all, Okinawa is the birthplace of Karate-do so I feel that both my physical and spiritual paths intersect in this place.



[Note: One meaning of the Chinese  character, do 道, as in judo or karate do is “road” or “path”]



As I said before it´s difficult explains with mere words what being in Okinawa means to me. I will say that here I have found inner peace. For the first time in my life I feel filled with a mystic energy that spreads to everyone, everywhere that I’ve not felt elsewhere. There is a harmony around this island and these people along with the crystal waters and the beautiful beaches that is pure enjoyment.



Once you experience this energy your life changes. Body and spirit are cleansed of negativity to be filled instead with tranquility and harmony.


The end and a new beginning pic3


Whenever I go back to Spain I return fulfilled and refreshed but perhaps not complete. I guess it´s true that one part of me remains in Okinawa – and is not until I make may way back again that I feel truly whole again. Each time I return, I say to myself, “you are home again.”



Okinawa remains both the end and a new beginning in life…