【Estinater’s Story vol.2】My Sea, My Life

My Sea, My Life


Traveler: Kana

Hometown: Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Places visited: Tokashiki Island, Zamami Island, Cape Maeda, Sunset Beach, Araha Beach Hamahiga Island




I am often asked why I moved to Okinawa. To be honest, I really didn’t know myself until sometime after I arrived, when I discovered that the answer was surprisingly straightforward.




I was born in Yokohama and have spent much of my adult life moving around. In Japan, I have lived in Kobe and Chiba Prefecture. Later, I moved to Guam and the Gold Coast of Australia and now, finally, Okinawa. Although the landscapes, languages, foods and cultures have varied in each place, the one constant in all my travels has been closeness to the sea.






Like many people, enjoy beautiful seascapes and walks on beaches. In addition, I am also an avid swimmer, snorkeler and scuba diver. But, I believe my feelings go beyond scenery and marine sports. At some point, I discovered that being near to the ocean is essential to my life and it turns out, this is the main reason I chose to live where I’ve lived.








It might be the physical beauty, the mindset of the people or some hidden characteristic of these islands that made my attraction to the blue waters of Okinawa especially powerful. I didn’t realize the depth of these feelings until I visited a few times and realized that Okinawa’s chura umi (beautiful sea) is magical. The islands of of Tokashiki, Zamami and Hamahiga, and the shores of Cape Maeda, Sunset Beach and Araha Beach each called me – as they still do – and I am always happy to answer.



It is said that the sea is the origin of all life on Earth. From the shore, the scent of the fresh oxygenated air wafting over the waves or the sound of waves caressing the sand bring back primal memories from beyond my lifetime. Swimming beneath the waves, I experience the wet chill, muted sounds and I feel the cool and gentle pressures on my body. Sometimes, I feel small and helpless… Yet, my life’s most tranquil moments are in the cool deep. For me, the touch of the ocean is like the touch of all life as Chura umi washes all negativity from my mind and body.

地球の生命の源は海 ― 波打ち際に立ってみる。波に打ち砕かれ生まれる新鮮な酸素を豊富に含んだ空気の匂い…大昔の記憶を呼び覚ますかのように砂を優しく撫でる波音…。一方、体を波の下に潜らせれば、音が止まり、身体に感じる涼しく心地よい圧迫感。時に自分自身の儚ささえも感じてしまうほど海の中での小さな個体。それでもこの深く冷たい海の中で捉える最高に穏やかな瞬間。私にとって海との関わりは生きることそのもの。美ら海は私の心身の負の部分を洗い流してくれるのだ。

Okinawa’s beautiful sea truly is magic.