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We believe that when travelling, instead of making a perfect plan, it’s best to leave a blank space in your itinerary so that, you are free to discover your next activity, your next meal, your next experience through exchange with the locals and your fellow travelers,. Travelling in this way is truly the best way to make lasting memories, and incredible stories.

Rather than a mere place to stay, it is our hope that this hotel can become a place where travelers can meet people, share stories, and discover what is “next” for themselves.

It’s our sincere hope that you will be able to experience this in any way during your stay.


旅の行き先で必ず滞在するホテル。ESTINATE HOTELは単なる目的地としての滞在場所ではなく、宿泊ゲスト、立ち寄るローカルなどホテルにアクセスする人々との情報交換によって新たな旅の行き先が決まる場所。次のアクティビティ、次の食事、次の旅、次の仲間。

Estinateという名称は、「目的地 ーDESTINATIONー」から頭文字のDをはずしたESTINATIONという造語を、動詞に派生させて生まれました。


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